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May 7, 2016

   THE END in 2016: The SHOCKING Predictions of 12 Mysterious Men

The prophesies of 12 mysterious men all seem to arrive at the same year, 2016, as the year for their fulfillment. Why did these men arrived at the same date? What were they talking about and what were their predictions? Since the 17th century, evangelical men have written prophecies about the end times; prophecies that most of us know nothing about. They were some of the most prolific writers, preachers, and pastors after the Reformation. These were men who believed that the Apocalypse was coming, but not in their lifetime. These men believed that everything had to come to conclusion, starting around the time of 2015 through 2016. I will take you through the diverse predictions of each of these men. The first is by a man named Patrick Nisbet, who wrote a commentary called, "An Abridgment of Ecclesiastical History", in 1776. Nisbet believed an end of the world scenario would develop in 2016 in which the Vatican would be destroyed. Interestingly, he cites Isaac Newton in his footnote as inspiration for arriving at this date. In a footnote, Patrick Nisbet directly references Newton along side a numerological code. According to Nisbet, if we start in 90 A.D., which is the likely date that the Book of Revelation was written, and we add six hundred and sixty-six years to it, we arrived at 756 A.D., which was the time when the Papacy became in office of temporal power. It is from there that Nisbet adds 1,260 years to 756, arriving at 2016 as the year in which the Papacy will be entirely destroyed, followed by the ushering in of the Millennial Kingdom. As you can see, Nisbet was not shy about suggesting an exact year for an end of the world scenario.

Another man who predicted a timeline that pointed directly to 2016, is Simon Patrick in his book, "A Critical Commentary and Paraphrase on the Old and New Testament", written in 1822. Patrick's work is one of the most unusual of the group I will present in this video because he offers an extensive timeline in it about the writing of the Book of Revelation and the unfolding of prophecy. He ends on 2016; it's the last date included in his timeline, and he makes stunningpredictions. He wrote that the last head of the Roman government would take his seat in 2016 on the international stage, but that his reign would be very short because he would be utterly and completely destroyed. For Patrick, 2016 was the last stand of the Roman Empire.

The next work is that paraphrasing "Notes on the Revelation of st. John written", written in 1773 by Moses Lowman. Lowman believed that at a time period starting around 1900 to 2016, would mark the time of "plagues". What he meant by this is unclear, but it is interesting to think that all of the World Wars: 1, 2, and the 3rd World War, which could come at any point, are all within the time frame that he cited as the time of plagues. According to Lowman, 2016 is the end of it all, in which the anti-christian power is destroyed and the pure Christian Church is ushered in. Additionally, Lowman predicted the end of the Mystical Babylon, when the dragon is thrown into the bottomless pit. These are astounding prophecies very time specific according to Lowman, and they were written roughly 240 years ago, to be fulfilled in 2016.

Another work called, "The lectures on the Revelation", by William Reed written in 1878, discusses the end of the Papacy in 2012, and the ushering in of a 3 and a half year period when the Church would transition into a new religious system of the beast. This would bring us to 2016 as a time when Roman Catholicism is fully submerged into the New World Order. Once again we see a highly specific timeline offered by  a man who lived centuries prior to its fulfillment.

A fifth prediction was made in a Presbyterian magazine published in 1858, published by Rev. C. Van Rensselaer. 2016 was identified as the year of the beginning of a "new epoch" --this epoch is the Millennial Kingdom. The author believed that 2016 was the latest date that this epoch could commence.

A sixth prediction was penned by a man named Joseph F. Berg in 1840, in a book called "Lectures on Romananism." He believed that the Millennial Kingdom would begin in 2016, and the Papacy would end. He also implicated the Jesuits as a significant part of the beast final Kingdom. This is a somewhat eerie prediction, considering who now sits upon the throne of Peter, the first Jesuit Pontiff.

A seventh prediction was made in a Panoplist and Missionary Magazine written in 1809. This magazine points to a 6,000 year calendar of Creation, followed by a 1,000 year Millennial reign. Many Christians in modern times subscribe to a 6,000 year plan of God fulfilled over several epochs. The writer of the Panoplist subscribed to the belief that the Pope had taken on temporal powers in 756 A.D., and that 1,260 years after this date, would usher in the final year of the Vatican.

Methodist Adam Clarke was the 8th man to make a prediction. Clarke is to this day, one of Britain's greatest scholars, penning a 6,000 page commentary on the whole Bible. This man was truly a savant, matched only by a couple of people in his scholarship of the Scriptures. Adam Clarke was an advocate for the idea that people could know the dates and time periods involving prophecy, however, he believed that one could not know these dates using the Roman calendar. Instead, he believed that you must use the Hebrew calendar. Clarke estimated that if one uses the Hebrew calendar, then you could arrive at 2015 as the beginning of Roman Catholicism's downfall.

A 9th man who predicted that 2016 is a very significant year was Rev. William Mackray, who wrote, "The character and Prospects of the Church of Rome." He believed that the Great Whore of Babylon would experience the wrath of God for having opposed the Lord, and that this would occur in 2016. He also said that the Great Jubilee would happened to the Church, which would be a time period when believers would be protected from harm for 1,000 years. Interestingly, many Bible scholars acknowledge that we entered a Jubilee Year starting on September 23rd 2015.

A 10th prediction was made by Robert Clayton, a renowned preacher and schollar in the mid 18th Century. He was also a contemporary of Isaac Newton. Clayton made specific predictions that beginning in 2015, the world would see the following events: the end of the Jewish diaspora, the fall of the Papacy, the coming of the Messiah, and the restoration of the Jews. He also believed that this time period would conclude a 2,000 year window of the church. Clayton did not come to this conclusion using the Julian calendar, he created his timeline based on the Hebrew calendar, as he was a scholar of Rabbinical literature.

An 11th prediction came from a man by the name of John Brown, who penned a dictionary of the whole Bible. In a discussion about prophecy, he suggests that all Jews will undergo a mass conversion accepting Jesus, starting in 2016. He also stated that a force including Turkey and its allies, would come against Israel in 2016, but that this force would be completely destroyed.

The 12th prediction was made by a Rev. Philip Doddridge, who cited that Sir Isaac Newton appeared to be pointing to 2016 as a year of prophetic fulfillment. Like many scholars of his time, he believed that the 1,260 days of Revelation should be interpreted as 1,260 years. He also references 666 years after the writing of the Book of Revelation, which brings us to 756 A.D., the year in which the Papacy became a temporal power. He believed that an Antichrist system would be fully ushered in on the 2016.

I did not cover Sir Isaac Newton's theology in this video, but what he said seemed to have influence all the other Bible scholars that I discussed. Sir Isaac Newton was first and foremost, a theologian, not a scientist, as many people assume. In fact, it was estimated that Newton dedicated only 10% of his time to science, and the other 90% was dedicated to studying Scriptures, particularly the prophecies of Daniel, and of the Book of Revelation, and the fulfillment and building of the third temple. Isaac Newton was wildly interested in the temple, and for some reason, and he also pointed to this time period: the end of 2015 through 2016. We will see overcoming several months whether the predictions of these men turn out to be true. It is interesting to consider that all of them arrived at a single year, and we are in the middle of it!

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